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Whilst you are most welcome to browse our catalogue, we regret we cannot supply Non - trade customers direct. We will, however, be pleased to supply you with details of your nearest local stockist.

You may contact us on Tel: 01732 886555 if you should have any questions or you would like to make a purchase.

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We are taking the safety of our staff very seriously. We have therefore decided to 

take the decision to close our trade counter.

Internet orders and telephone orders are currently proceeding as normal.


Thank you for your understanding


Featured Products
Hand Sanitizer - 500ml
SKU: 001
001 Russells Hand Sanitizer- 500ml 80% alcohol rub made in UK.....Keeping the trade safe :)
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Carbon Tuning Lever
SKU: 431CL
Carbon Tuning Lever (Main handle 19cm ) Head not included.
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Hand Held Spirit Lamp
SKU: 568
Alcohol burning lamp for casting hammers. Brass with cap.
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Centre Pin Cutters
SKU: 584B
Flush Cutters made from highest grade thick carbon steel. 6" cutter with rubber grip. excellent for use with center pins and soft wire.
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Flexible String Cleaner
SKU: 594B
Flexible string cleaner . Leather with flexible handle.
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Single Needle Toning Tool
Single Needle Toning Tool with long handle for toning grand pianos without the need to remove the action. Ideal for final voicing.
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Thumb Held Toning Tool
SKU: 615G
Thumb held toning tool complete with needles and safety guard.
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Hammer Fitting Block
Hammer fitting block for filing hammer heads to fit string level.
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Pilot Tops Felted
SKU: 669D
Pilot Tops or Soldiers, felt covered.
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KK Portable Book Holders
SKU: 710KK
A unique portable book holder for upright pianos. The clip provides a secure way to hold your sheet music. No screws or drilling required.
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Key Pounder
SKU: 940KP
The key pounder helps spread out and minimize the stress from key strikes. If you tune professionally, you are placing an enormous strain on your fingers, hand, wrist and forearm by striking piano keys thousands of times per day. Optimal size to strike ei
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Grand Double Wing Springs - Renner
SKU: G514R
Grand double wing springs for grand lever bodies (whippens).
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Wrest Pin Box
Wrest Pin Box Small, Easy to store and carry wrest pin box for those on the road repairs. Contains 10 pins of each of the 8 most commonly sold blued pins plus 10 nickel pins. Complete with 10 metal bushings and chalk.
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Jack Alignment Tool  ' PTA 2017 Convention Best Seller'
Jack Alignment Tool, Aluminium, for Grand whippens.
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Key Dip Block
SKU: V255
A standard key dip block to level black and white keys.
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Set of 3 Reamers
SKU: V257
Set of 3 Reamers for centre pin bushings. 1 x square reamer/1 x round reamer/1 x Reamer File
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Let off Tool for S & S
SKU: V317
Let off Tool for S & S
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